Affordable Internet For All!

We believe that affordable internet should also be unlimited. With Complete Media Solutions you won’t have to plan your internet usage or stress about overage fees anymore. There are no fixed term contracts or hidden fees.


CMS offers a variety of internet packages and speeds that were made to suit the demands of our customers. 
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Our service area for high-speed internet includes: Cornwall, Alexandria, Morrisburg, Long Sault, Ingleside, St Andrews West, Glen Walter, Lancaster, Williamstown, Martintown, Maxville, Summerstown, and Moose Creek. Some internet packages and speeds may not be available in your area. If your area is not listed or to check internet availability call 1-833-267-7782.

If you have existing service from Cogeco cable or Bell DSL internet then our service is available to you. 

*Complete Media Solutions mission is to provide full speeds per chosen package. Actual download and upload speeds may vary based on factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity and end user equipment.